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Have you participated in any of our projects? Have you benefited from our online courses on the European Schoolnet Academy? Are you aware of our Future Classroom Lab in Brussels? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we want to hear from you!

 On 5 October 2017, on World Teachers Day, we call upon all our stakeholders to talk about your experience with European Schoolnet by organising a short event in your own community! During the event, you can print and use our poster and the presentation in order to inform your colleagues (peers, partners, students or any other group of your choice) about the work of European Schoolnet and the benefits of using our services and participating in any of our projects. You can make your event as short as 15 minutes or longer and for as many or as few people as you like; whatever suits you best! Remember to tell your audience your personal story about how you’ve enjoyed working with us!

Share your local European Schoolnet event with us!

Take a picture, a short video or go live on Facebook or Periscope and post on your Twitter or Facebook accounts using the celebratory hashtag #eu_schoolnet20 so we can all see how you are celebrating!

Let us celebrate together World Teachers Day 2017 and 20 years of transforming education in Europe!

Download the poster here.

Download the presentation here.

If you want to know more about our anniversary activities check out our anniversary page here and remember to support our Thunderclap campaign.

Welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy

Hi and welcome to the European Schoolnet Academy.

The Academy is a platform where you can learn about innovation in the school and classroom through online professional development courses for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The courses offered on this platform are completely free of charge. They will offer you an introduction to key concepts and ideas that are relevant to developing your practice and will provide you with the opportunity to discuss these ideas and share your experiences with your peers. We hope that by attending these courses and by engaging with your peers you will feel empowered and inspired to try out something new in your practice.

The Academy is very much an experiment and we rely on your participation and feedback to make this project a success. So please use this opportunity, learn and connect with your peers and let us know what you think.

We look forward to seeing you on one of the courses! Happy learning...

Collaborative Teaching and Learning_2nd edition

On the Collaborative Teaching and Learning course, you will receive advice from experts and peers as well as concrete suggestions about how to carry out collaborative teaching and learning in your classroom. You will also have access to videos of inspiring practice and other support material. Moreover, you will have the chance to belong to a Europe-wide community of like-minded practitioners, dedicated to working together to make collaborative teaching and learning a reality in the classroom..

The course starts on 25th September, but you can access the course introduction and learn how the course works.You can enroll here. Please also join the Twitter conversation #Colab_eu and the course Facebook group

Opening Schools to STEM Careers 

The Opening Schools to STEM CareersMOOC is meant to train and empower Heads of Schools and Career Counsellors in successfully equipping -and adapting- schools with tools for introducing and attracting young people to STEM careers. During this course, participants will learn how to recognize relevant STEM career pathways, identify significant STEM skills and soft abilities, address gender stereotypes, collaborate at in-school-level for STEM career counselling and host and create STEM career events and overall, among others.

The course starts on 25th September. You can enroll here. Please also join the Twitter conversation #STEMcareersMOOC and the course Facebook group

Our Fragile Planet

The basic idea of the "Our Fragile Planet" MOOC is to empower teachers from all levels of education to teach space- and astronomy-related topics to their students, as it was done in the previous three MOOCs. This online course is built in such a way so that all teachers can participate, focusing especially on those who are interested in astronomy but never had the opportunity to learn more about it or have very little background information and do not feel comfortable to communicate basic information about our planet to their students.

The course starts on 2nd October. You can enroll here. Please also join the Twitter conversation #spaceMOOC and the course Facebook group

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